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APE3311 Step Down Controller.

APEC, total power solution provider, introduces APE3311, a high efficiency, step down controller with adjustable operating frequency and current sensing at low side for over current protection. PWM and auto-skip mode are provided to reduce noise and improve light load efficiency. APE3311 can be widely adopted to notebooks, desktop, I/O supplies, system power supplies



APE3311can support wide range input voltage from 1.8V to 28V, strong driving current, under voltage protection, over voltage protection and thermal shutdown function. Soft start and output discharge functions can effectively prevent inrush current for system reliability.


APE3311 is a low cost, high stability, high performance non-synchronous PWM IC in QFN3x3-16Lor QFN3.5x3.5-14L package. The ripple voltage feedback compensation scheme in APE3311 helps to provide high system stability, noise resilience property that makes design and debug easier. Halogen free ones are also available.