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APE8858 Ultra Low Dropout Linear Controller

APEC, a total power solution provider, introduces APE8858, an ultra low dropout N Channel linear controller with 0.5V reference voltage with 2% accuracy, integrated Power On Reset circuit and supply voltage detection function to avoid misoperation. Output is able to provide up to 20mA current to drive N channel MOSFET connected directly. APE8858 can be widely adopted in general linear voltage transformation, such as 3.3V to 2.5V, 1.8V to 1.5V .

APE8858 can sustain maximum operation voltage as 7.0V and equipped with ENABLE pin and Power OK notification signal for easier time sequence control. Soft start circuit is built-in to prevent inrush current at power on. Thermal shutdown and over-circuit protection are also implemented to prevent IC damage in abnormal conditions.

APE8858 has extremely low shutdown current as 1uA. PCB area is easily minimized by using SOT23-6 package. Pb-free ones are also available.